This post is part of WIK's PERSPECTIVE series.

In this new addition to our blogseries, we take a closer look at projects that inspire us. In this first instalment: ‘The Blaak Forest’ by Dutch architect Piet Blom. The cube houses he designed for the city of Rotterdam form a bridge over a busy traffic road called ‘Blaak’ and are the connection between the inner city and the Old Harbour. Blom, an important exponent of structuralism, had the ambition to design the buildings in such a way they form a forest in the city, each house representing a tree. Hence the people of Rotterdam gave it the nickname ‘Blaak Forest’ after the project was completed.

Blom managed to transform a symbol of nature into architecture. Or is the other way around? With WIK, we also strive to melting pieces of the everyday into a different form; it sheds a new perspective on the things we have grown used to and teaches us to think about them again. Although Blom may be an architect and WIK may be a clothing label, the two have at least one thing in common: the urge to re-appropriate the everyday.