To celebrate our long-lasting cooperation with Chez Rico, we invited Rico to showcase what he wears with WIK. Rico pulled out the best bits and pieces he has in his shop at the moment, presenting a wide variety of combinations to wear this summer. Rico loves the camera and the camera loves him.

The third Rubrico is all about our collaboration with Diep, for whom we produced t-shirts and tote bags last year. Diep is an organisation that hosts events that contain a blend of house, tech house and techno. The organisation's name can be translated from Dutch to English as 'Deep', which explains their focus on the alternative, deeper side of electronic music. Diep is a beautiful concept, with their intimate summer festival as the price act, paying a lot of attention to decoration, atmosphere and quality of music. Rico pays a hommage to Diep by wearing the WIK GOES DIEP t-shirt together with Nike shorts and the Nike Tennis Classic Flyknit. Order the WIK GOES DIEP t-shirt or tote bag, and check out Diep's latest festival here.